Friday, May 18, 2012


Thank You Lord for the blessing of Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers

Thank you for the most beautiful Mom in the world - thank you for delivering an earth angel to me , the moment i was placed in her arms nearly 34 years ago - from that moment she has loved me beyond anything possible, she has protected me, nutured me, taught me about life and taught me about You! She has held my hand through the hardest times of my life, she has lifted me up and celebrated with me the most wonderful times of my life! She is my everything, i love her with my all - she is my inspiration!

Not only do i have the most beautiful Mom, Deqlan has the most beautiful and perfect Nanna in the world! She has showered Deqlan with all the love she has to give and even more, she has walked with him every step of the journies you have placed him on - she has supported, dedicated, and help Deqlan shine as bright as he is - Lord, there are not enough thank you's to You for the beautiful Nanna you blessed Deqlan with.

Thank you for my Nan, Lord only You know how my heart aches and misses her. Thank you for the most beautiful memories and moments we created together - i will have them and treasure them always- my birthday girl - thankyou for the honour of seeing her first great grand child in Deqlan - for coning to see him at his school concerts. Thank you for Nans beautiful laugh which always brings a smile to my face and heart when i remember it. Thank you for the sacrifices she made to help Mom take care of us . Love you my Nan, miss you every day , my guardian angel in heaven

Thank you for my beautiful sister, who has made the most incredible Godmother Deqlan could ever be blessed with - she has held our hands every step of the way , she has celebrated all Deqlans triumphs, she has faught with us - she has loved him with her all! Another earth angel sent from above , that you often use to let Your Holy Spirit speak to me through!! Meggie has also been the most amazing Aunt and friend to Logan - what a gift we are forever thankful for! love you Meggie.

Lord thank you for the honour of being Godmother to Keaton and Khloe ! I love them with my all and everything, i love them as if they were my own. Thank you for the laughs and joy and love they bring to my life, help me to be the best example i can be to them and teach them about Your never ending love and great ways! Love you both with my all!

Thank you for the blessing of being stepmom to Logan - what a very special place she has in my heart - i love her as if she was my own and just want the very best for her. Let her know how much she is loved and treasured and help us make the best decisions for her! Love you Logs , miss you , but see you soon!!

Lord, the greatest honor and gift you have bestowed upon me is to be Deqlans Mom - thank You for trusting him to me! Thank you for giving me the tools to be the best Mom i can be - i need to ask You to help me be a better Mom each day to him! Thank you for the love that just flows out of Deqlan in his smiles and hugs and kisses and laughs and yes even in his logos !!! Lord, please keep my beautiful boy happy and healthy and safe always and help me to make the best decisions for him, especially now as we settle into our new life in KZN - thank you for my beautiful boy and the honor to be a Mom.

Lord , thank you for the memories we made with Aunty Rene , may she be happy and whole and let her know she is loved and thought of everyday. Help us to keep her memory alive in the stories who tell and share with Deqlan and Logan.

Lord, thank you for Aunty Cheryl, another mother in this family of ours - may you bless her with much improved health this year!

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