Thursday, May 10, 2012


Well , we have started off our new chapter in Kwazulu Natal - ive had a frustrating month with technology and very little time to blog!  My blackberry went for a swim in the toilet, my laptop became snail pace slow ( but Blessed that Mark arranged a new one for me ) and then a week with no signal in the midlands!

We did have a great time in the Midlands - but candida and frustration arrived to bug our precious Deqlan! We had some hairy moments but the amazing ones far outweighed them!

We have been in KZN for just over a month now and we were Blessed to start off with having Dee and Mom, Megs and Con ( for some of the time) and the kids here with us for the first few days! that meant so much to us and i dont know how i wouldve coped with them here in the beginning!
Deqlan started with his school assesment at Browns and he started off beautifully, happy and great! But as soon as Nanna and the rest of the family went home....things became increasingly difficult for Deqlan to settle. When we were all together i think Deqlan felt all was the same and almost like we where on holiday together

But as soon as the school going became something we did everyday, our Deqlan became so frustrated, unable to explain his anger and sadness - each time i walked into the classroom with him - he would throw himself down on the ground crying - he didnt participate in the speech therapy assesment - the therapist even asked us if he can comminucate with us ! What!!!! are you kidding??? of course he can ! can he tell us when he needs to go to the bathroom? What!!!! of course he can! At home , there would be moments of our happy boy and then moments of total sadness and despair- how heartbreaking to see :(

The school as extended his assesment period for another month in order to give him chance to settle down after the big move, and because his teacher will be away for two weeks - dont know what a great idea this is going to be , another new face that doesnt know and understand him! But we decided to push through this to see if we can establish a firmer routine of going to school and sticking it out, pushing through

How we miss Little Leaps and all the things we know!!!!! Our comfort zone!!!

The school also want us to see a paediatric neurologist - we have opted to see the one that diagnosed Deqlan , as he knows what Deqlan is really like. They have mentioned getting Deqlan onto medication to "calm him" and assist in learning - well - he never needed it at Little Leaps- he thrived there  - so the reason to give it now is not a valid one - he needs to feel loved, supported and understood and given the time to settle in to this brand new world and way of doing things!!!!!!!! So lets see what the Dr says and we will take things from there.....

Deqlan has had a better past 3 days and is getting back to being to himself please Lord

Please keep Deqlan in your prayers - i know he is covered in them already and they are working! Please pray for guidance for us to in how to help him best! Thank you for all the love and support!

We will be in Pretoria next weekend for Ms Khloe's 2nd Birthday Celebration - WE CANT WAIT!! Deqlan continuosly talking about the airports and Grandpa, Nanna, Ayline, Big Grandpa ,Logan,  Con+Megs and kids  - " where is keaton? you wanna khloe. you wanna khloes ipad" so heartsore not to be able to see them whenever we want to!

Some photos for you to enjoy :)

But trusting Our Great God and His plans for us!

Hope you are all well to!
God Bless all our love from KZN
Mark, Samm & Deqlan and soon to be Logan

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