Monday, July 23, 2012

sea legs

Well, i can start to say we are finding our sea legs after 3 months of being in Durbs

It hasnt been an easy sail at all - we have sailed through many stormy sea's and had many overcast and turbulent weather conditions , but its starting to feel like the sea's are calmer and the sun's beams are starting to peep through our new way of life.
And you know what - Our Lifeguard walks on water!
He has helped us through so much, as He always has, thank You Lord for your continued guidance and love and care and direction

Deqlan started to settle into Browns school - he started asking to go in the morning and we started hearing some of the new songs he was learning .

We had our meeeting at school and decided , mutually that it wasnt the right place for Deqlan - we still stood firm on no medication, as we knew he didnt need it, we knew he did just fine without it at Little Leaps, not to mention the ridiculous list of side affects!

We also decided it would be best not to yank him out suddenly but give him a few days to get used to the idea of leaving the school, so we agreed, he would complete the rest of term 2 there.

I got a call last week of school term 2, from the HOD asking us to give Deqlan another chance, at the school for term 3. She remarked they had seen great improvement in Deqlan in the last few weeks , and that another little guy , who had very challenging behaviours was leaving the class, which gave the teacher more oppurtunity for the teacher to help Deqlan settle in.

Deqlan really started to shine , after we returned from seeing Nanna and the rest of the family in May he started to settle in better , enjoy going to school, even asking to go to school. We started hearing about what he was doing in class, from Deqlan himself and hearing the songs he was learning.

Just got a call on Thursday to say " your beautiful boy has been accepted to our school"

We are delighted that Deqlan showed them, it could be done, without medication, without changing who he is! He just needed time, understanding , support and for the teachers and therapists to go into Deqlan's world, and help him feel comfortable enough to come out and show them who he really is!

So we going to give it a go and just ensure that we are all on the same page- will be having a meeting with the teacher this week to discuss Deqlans IEP - individualised education plan, to make sure , he is working at his pace, and not the general pace of the class. We got to make sure that he doesnt only benefit socially but academically as well, and is challenged to learn new things and go forward

Thanks for all the prayers and checking in !
God Bless all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
Be Still and know that I am God!

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